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Beez is an innovative startup that develops products and services based on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain systems and Machine Learning. It was born from the joint experience of several professionals and experts in the sector with the right skills in order to realize and exceed our users expectations.

Our aspiration is not to be a simple "software supplier", but a real technological partner for our customers.

Aware of the unavoidable process of digital evolution, we create complex systems characterized at the same time by high levels of security and stability, and by a user interface that is simple and intuitive to use.


Technologies used in our Products


  • Protection of Data
  • Ownership & Autorship
  • Cloud Storage

Artificial Intelligence

  • Model Network
  • Data Repository
  • Smart Computing Power

Machine Learning

  • Learning Chain
  • Prediction Models
  • Interactive Patterns

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Beez SRL is an innovative startup specialized in the creation of top of the line and cutting-edge digital products and services with the aim of allowing our users to operate at maximum efficiency. We invest in research in order to acquire new skills and knowledge to develop new software/hardware and to make improvements to existing products/services.

Our company deals in development, production and marketing of products and services with high technological value through the research and development of software and hardware based on innovative technologies that are currently revolutionizing every sector.

Our products and services are created through the integration of DLV/Blockchain technologies and Machine Learning/AI technologies. All while guaranteeing “Privacy Preserved” through the implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

Currently, we are working on the creation of a local and distributed document archiving system. It is a secure, intelligent, encrypted and validated solution, based on the integration of DLV/Blockchain technologies and Machine Learning/AI technologies.

We are a team of experts who share enthusiasm, professional growth and a passion for innovation thanks to the creativity and deep skills of development tools. On the market, we stand out for our efficiency and competitiveness.
Our solutions are suitable for every type of need and for this reason they are oriented not only to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises but also to large companies and public administrations.

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  • +39 0984 485890

  • via F. CAPODEROSE n.4,
    Cosenza, IT 87100